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Too good to be true? or good and true?

For years, I'd heard about a San Francisco tour operator's incredibly inexpensive journeys. Online discussion groups applauded them, columns in this newspaper spoke highly of China focus. Gut how could it possibly be that one could go on an 11-day tour of China for such a ridiculous price?

Then came the day when I thought, "I'll do it," choosing Historic China from a list of 16 itineraries of varying lengths. Billed as the company's signature tour, it was described as "superb for first-time visitors to China." That was me.

Fearing that the $999 price tag, flight included, meant I'd be embarking on an off-to-China nightmare - one of a herd getting on and off a gigantic bus .........

"Cheap tour packs in the value, sights"
San Francisco Chronicle


Nothingness stretched seemingly forever as viewed from my window seat aboard Ethiopian Airlines Fokker 500 turboprop en-route to Bahir Dar out of the country's capital city of Addis Ababa. Nothingness, that is, if one discounts the ferocious landscape of deep canyons and jagged tumbled mountains unfolding below and the now-and-then glimpsed handful of tiny communities of circular dwellings, tuklus, perched precariously on barren plateaus. No roads, only sometimes barely discernible trails as thin as pencil marks indicated the comings and goings of humanity through this harsh convulsion of spectacularly beautiful ruggedness ........

"Into Ethiopia"
International Travel News


It was mid-April when I drove Holland's 62-kilometer "bulb route" that runs atop a remnant of dunes between Haarlem and Leiden. The elevation was slight, yet the overlook took my breath away. Rainbows of tulips stretched forever. Sixteen hectares of rainbows, rainbows brighter than rainbows in swaths of pink, orange, purple, yellow and red so bright it scorches the eye. Tulips.

"Tulipmania Revisited, Santa Rosa Press Democrat



It was enough to give one pause: Blind curves; blind crests; no central road markings; no shoulders; single-lane bridges; single-lane tunnels (!); livestock on the road, including reindeer ); severe winds; dense mists - so advised the “Have a Safe Journey” brochure downloaded from the Iceland Road Administration’s website.

If that weren’t enough, volcano Bardarbunga was making headlines, suggesting a replay of tongue-twisting Eyjafjallajökull’s devastating spewing in 2010.

"Iceland's Ring Road", International Travel News




SPAINCities and Places of the World, Barcelona

.....Perhaps I should not have been surprised to find that Barcelona, which has plenty of moving parts and, like any big city, a potential for unpleasant surprises, should come with a user's manual.

The manual appeared as a section in the city "style" guide in my room at the Hotel Montecarlo. At first leaf through, the guide appeared no different from those stamped "Room Copy. Do Not Remove" in hotel rooms from San Francisco to Singapore - where to shop, where to eat, what's chic, advertisements thinly disguised as editorial copy. Then, with a flip of the page, I came across "Instruction Manual for Spending the Day" by Barcelona journalist Joan Barril.

Expecting a guidebook equivalent to "secure part 1 by tightening bolt C, " I was surprised to read: "It is one thing to visit a city and quite another thing to use it." That struck a chord. I tend to chafe within the parameters of "visitor": the host serves tea, shows his garden and announces when one should appear for dinner; the visitor cheerfully adheres to the schedule and expresses appropriate phrases of appreciation......

"A User's Guide to Barcelona"
Silver SATW Western Chapter Awards 2007


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